YAP proposal #188: Sunflower Secrets: Paupers to a Developed Community (Lovemore Mtsitsi, Malawi)


Sunflower Oil 2

Hello there! My name is Lovemore Mtsitsi, a 28-year-old agribusiness specialist from Malawi. As a zealous young agripreneur, I am passionate about initiating and promoting innovative and sustainable economic development agendas driven by social innovation.

Meanwhile, I am working for a consortium of practical action—Hivos, Environment Africa and Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD)—as a Markets and Business Development Officer for the Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities (SE4RC) project, Chikwawa, Malawi.

At all times, I follow, with keen interest, the economic development trends of my country. Through such interest, I have noted that, Malawi’s economic development aspirations are guided by her overarching medium term strategy: the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy II (MGDS II).

The philosophy of the MGDS II revolves around transforming the country’s economy from the current predominantly importing and consuming economy to a predominantly producing and exporting economy. Adopting this philosophy coupled with hard work, unity…

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YAP proposal #242: Hydroponic Fodder: Increasing Milk Production and Income! (Yvonne Kamanga, Malawi)


Simple green house for hydroponic fodder

My name is Yvonne Kamanga, a 23-year-old Malawian lady, currently finishing my studies in a Master of Science in Animal Science at one of the agricultural universities in Malawi: the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). And I’m a part-time lecturer in animal production at the LUANAR—Natural Resources College Campus. I have a strong passion for community and rural development, agriculture-wise.

Okay, so, I will skip the part where we state that the population in Malawi is increasing at 3.33% per year as of now and how this has tremendously affected us with our now limited non-increasing land!

This has affected agriculture in general, but I want to talk about livestock agriculture in Malawi, which is one of the poorest countries.

Livestock is second major source of income in the rural communities after crops, it is a living bank to them, being sold when urgent needs arise. These…

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YAP Proposal #236: Improving cow pen hygiene (Gloria Banda, Malawi)



My name is Gloria Banda aged 24, I graduated with a BSc in animal science from the University of Malawi, Bunda College in 2013, and quickly enrolled for a master’s program in animal science in March 2014 with the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bunda campus. Currently, am finalizing my MSc research.

In the dairy industry, the quality of milk is highly important because it is the key raw material for production of safe and high standard milk and milk products. Unfortunately, 17% out of 80% of milk produced by smallholder dairy farmers and subsequently collected by milk processors is rejected at milk collection centers because of poor quality in Malawi.

Poor milk quality increases spoilage of milk and decreases quantity on the market due to rejections at milk collection centers. The overall result is reduced returns and thus less ideal for these smallholder dairy farmers who depend…

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