YAP proposal #188: Sunflower Secrets: Paupers to a Developed Community (Lovemore Mtsitsi, Malawi)


Sunflower Oil 2

Hello there! My name is Lovemore Mtsitsi, a 28-year-old agribusiness specialist from Malawi. As a zealous young agripreneur, I am passionate about initiating and promoting innovative and sustainable economic development agendas driven by social innovation.

Meanwhile, I am working for a consortium of practical action—Hivos, Environment Africa and Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD)—as a Markets and Business Development Officer for the Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities (SE4RC) project, Chikwawa, Malawi.

At all times, I follow, with keen interest, the economic development trends of my country. Through such interest, I have noted that, Malawi’s economic development aspirations are guided by her overarching medium term strategy: the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy II (MGDS II).

The philosophy of the MGDS II revolves around transforming the country’s economy from the current predominantly importing and consuming economy to a predominantly producing and exporting economy. Adopting this philosophy coupled with hard work, unity…

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